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About Us


What Sets Us Apart?

There are a number of historic preservation firms that perform historic research, inventories and designations (services we provide as well). What sets up apart is that we go the extra mile on our historic preservation projects to provide you with excellent service and the highest quality products possible.  We are unique in that we have first hand experience on how historic preservation programs and governments work at the local, state and federal level.  Whether your project is public, private or non-profit, we listen and work closely with you to develop a plan and strategy to help you meet your goals.  

Core Values:

Square Moon Consultants, LLC, is founded on a set of core principles that, when combined with our extensive historic preservation experience and expertise, provides an unparalleled level of service, responsiveness and ability to creatively address historic preservation issues and needs.

Commitment.   We go the extra mile to preserve historic properties and districts, knowing that these important historic places support the economic, aesthetic, and environmental well-being of our communities. 


Service.   We are committed to find tailored solutions and strategies to help each public, private, and non-profit client meet their project goals.


Communication and Collaboration.    We believe that most complex situations can be solved through open, clear, and respectful communication.  Whether it is working as part of a small professional team or collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, we believe that teamwork, cooperation and relationship-building leads to creative solutions and the best possible results.


Integrity.  Guided by honesty and accountability, we hold ourselves to the highest work standards.  We also put our money where our mouth is – 2% of our profits annually are donated to historic preservation causes.

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